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Day’s end on calm waters.

The view from my neighborhood beach, a quick stroll from the new house.

Much more on this as the ratio of cardboard boxes to free blogging time shifts. For now, I can tell you that having just purchased a beautiful tandem kayak, I’m very eager to hop in and explore these waters and coves. To the right in the photo above is Turn Island:

A few paddle strokes away, and a protected wildlife preserve. Lovely.

I still can’t believe my good luck to have ended up on this part of the island. It happened quite by accident: last month, we had looked at another house in the area and wandered down to this beach to bemoan the fact that while the property was gorgeous, the house itself was way too much of a long-term project. Visions of the movie “The Money Pit” danced in our heads, and Charles and I stared out at these waters and decided that we’d be foolish to take on too much, when we both have lots of “real life” work to do. As we drove back up the road somewhat disheartened, we spotted a “for sale by owner” sign posted on a tree. We followed it, and saw the house from which I now type. Within a day we were in escrow.

My creative tide pools are growing impatient with being slightly ignored while I make sense out of the studio and find locations for things that fit fine in the Malibu house but defy physics here. Yet the process of putting down roots in a new home is no different than that of deriving the initial theme for a new piece. I sense that with time, my tangible things and my intangible notes will all be back in alignment.