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Prelude to serenity.

Not as fabulous a photo as this port deserves, but this was shot on the fly yesterday through the window of Downrigger’s after another very good meal there, in my eagerness to show at least a glimpse of Friday Harbor, my new local hangout.

I’ve felt like the WiFi diaspora the past few days, roaming cafe to cafe for some connectivity while our services are getting set up at the new house. The very reason Charles and I can live here is because our businesses are largely run on the web, so it’s been a bit of a juggling act to keep things going this week on the road in the midst of this happy chaos. As long as I keep scribbling notes and publishing the music, it doesn’t matter where in the world I am. But it does matter that I return calls and emails and send out files on time!

Case in point: just this week, as I wandered up the coast in my blissful unplugged state, CDs with pieces of mine on them were released from three very different parts of the globe: a trio from Spain’s Grand Canary Islands released “Elegy” on Crystal Records, a duo from Rome released “Slip” on DC Records and a disc with a short electronic piece of mine on it is coming out from New York City. I have never met nor spoken to the ensembles in Europe but have enjoyed emails back and forth, answering a few questions here and there. But have I had time to update my website and include links and info on where to buy the discs? Of course not. Until later this week, at which point the commerce end of what I do for a living can catch up to the art end of what I do for a life.

Lack of connection is not a bad thing, actually. Especially when you live in a place so quiet, you can hear the air between the wings of the dragonflies and eagles as they swoop by. Stay tuned for more on this…