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Silly, happy road trip music.

You just never know the true essence of your feline companions, or the keeness of your assaulted sense of hearing, until you take them on a 1200 mile road trip.
Oh, so pitiful.
Charles and I must actually be even more blessed that we already knew. The first, nearly intolerable couple of hours of prison uprising protest calls upon our final departure from Malibu on Monday night have been followed by a full day and night of calmness, sleep and even purring.

I type this from a Quality Inn motel near the California/Oregon border, after a long, long day of driving and some great Szechuan take-out for dinner. The scenery through the middle part of the Golden State is, uh… pretty drab. With the current drought, the golden state is more ashen gray these days, and the dry heat even in mid May is uncomfortably intense. There’s not a great deal of visual interest on the I-5, unless you enjoy counting big rigs and experiencing the weather systems they create unto themselves when they pass each other on a two lane highway going 78 MPH. But none of this mattered, because we celebrated the act of heading north, all four of us together, to a place with green and moisture and serene beauty.

Besides, Moses and Smudge have discovered that they like road trips and LOVE motel living. After they finished pawing over the brochure literature for local attractions, they opened each of the mini shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers and fought over who got to wear the shower cap. We hope they won’t be dissaponted on Friday when they sleep in their new house. We sure won’t be.

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