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We are now on the fading end of a remarkable two-day wind storm. Gusts to 70 mph. And this morning, detritus everywhere, unexpected imports from far away. Had I been able to take a photo of this event without risking getting bonked on the head by heavy, dried-out projectile palm fronds 14 feet long shooting through the sky like missiles, I would have. I chose in favor of my head, this time.

On Sunday as we walked up the coastline with the wind pushing our backs, Charles and I were stunned by the visual clarity everywhere, and the incessant movement of the waves driving sideways across the ocean. The most beautiful effect is when the waves are blown back upon themselves as they charge the beach. Shore birds, including this little snowy plover above, were out poking around for their lunch and struggled to keep their balance.

A half mile later it was time to turn around, and simultaneously we realized the folly of our afternoon stroll. Our smiles turned to grimaces as the wind and the loose sand that came along with it for the ride smacked us hard in the face. It was a warm day, but the power of the air made my ears hurt by the time we found safe, still haven back in the house. No more windy walks here!

Today is very beautiful. The Santa Anas have melted from a bone-dry hurricane to an invigorating strong breeze, and now I’ll go outside to water the parched plants before beginning my composing for the day, invigorated, as well.
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