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Music to flit by.

Yep, more wildlife here. Yet another bird! Remember, kids: miniature feathered dinos. The chain from the past to the present is larger than it appears in your side view mirror.

This is a Black Phoebe, one of my all-time favorites. A loner, he/she (I’m not that good at this to be able to tell) hangs out on the cliff-side of the shoreline a few yards from the pounding tide, alternatively flitting about a few feet above the sand and rocks, and then coming to rest (thus, the photo. Glad he got tired). At a whopping 4″ tall, they are really, really cute. The tufted head is soft and fat, and the perfect black cape that hangs nonchalantly from his little birdie shoulders makes him the most adorable action figure on the beach.

Next to me, of course.

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