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Snapped eight minutes ago, from the front door stoop.
Yes, the sky is really that blue. Cloudless and intense and the perfect offset to the green of the tallest palm on my little property. Fronds with a view from 60 feet; nearly due for a trim.
And just look at the weather from Wednesday’s photo, below. I’m constantly amazed by the contrasts. Sudden, unexpected, fickle, entertaining.

My nose was greeted with its own weather system of sorts this morning. I was awakened by the sound of one creature and the smell of another.

Few things in life are as insistent as an active, hungry, vocal cat in the morning. Our smoke alarm only comes close.

We refer to one of our two kitties, Smudge, as the Gravity Cat because he has a penchant for finding any small thing on the bedside tables– a coaster, a remote control, eyeglasses, etc.– pushing it over the edge, and watching it fall to the floor. This accomplishes two things: endless entertainment for him (much as a 10 month old in a high chair likes to throw food) and enough noise and distraction to guarantee that either Charles or I will finally get up, having once again lost the battle of who truly controls the rhythm of this household. This morning Charles was on the boat, so that left… a bleary eyed composer who is not a morning person, but is adept at opening cans of cat food on demand, in any groggy state.

A family of skunks recently took up residence underneath the house. Specifically, under the bedroom. This morning, to accompany Smudge’s dulcet whining, a strong odor representing a very annoyed skunk wafted aggressively up through the heating vent. This has only happened once before; most of the time our cute little striped squatters play nice and share toys. They waddle around next to the window at night and make me smile. But I suppose even skunks have their bad days, and as I type this my nostrils are filled with evidence of such. Tomato juice for the whole house? Probably not. So I’ll trust that this aromatic gift will dissipate… soon. movies fuck freemovies hentai free fullgalleries slut movie gagass movies gay fuckingxxx movies gaymovies girls shittingtheme movie gladiatorglory road movie Mapcard credit accept atmcredit liberty 1st uniona for credit card suit civilla superior de educacion acreditacionpeople post cards afford creditaccount has been credited assistance amendoperations accreditationof universities accreditation Map

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