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Some weather music.

This afternoon in the hills that hover above Malibu, enough snow fell to warrant the closure of a main canyon road between our hamlet and the rest of civilization, also known to some as the Ventura Freeway. But instead of spending the day making snowmen, my violinist pal Robin and I had an entire, glorious coastline to ourselves as we frolicked with the creatures of low tide. It wasn’t especially cold at the water, but the sky around us told the meteorological story for the rest of Los Angeles.

As we walked back to the Beach Cafe for a late lunch, we looked up and were delighted to see that Tutankhamen and Cheops had finally teamed up and hired a design committee for the California sky. Nice work!

More wind tonight. It began moments ago, swaying the palm trees that are already shivering above my roof. I know it sounds perverse, but I really love this weather. I’m ready for the northwest. But will there be pyramids in the clouds there?