[IMAGE] roadside

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Sly? No, just sleepy.

Driving by this modest roadside interpretative sign about Senator Henry M. Jackson and his conservationist efforts, a person might have been so stunned by the expansive view out to Vancouver Island and the Olympics, that she could easily have missed a small detail.

But not my friend in the passenger seat today, who spotted something that didn’t appear to have been installed with the signpost.
“Stop! Look!”
There was urgency in her voice.
She’s a great friend, so heck, I obeyed. I stopped the car. In fact, I stopped, and then I backed up a few yards and pulled off the road.
We opened our doors and walked toward the sign.

[IMAGE] fox nap

Adorable. And not the least bit disturbed from its nap, as we cooed and took photos.

[IMAGE] fox

One quick, bleary-eyed check of the surroundings…

[IMAGE] fox nap

And back to sleep, holding down a shadow exactly the right size.

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