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“Unhinged,” for a scene which is that and more.

It’s impossible for the drama of this scene to translate to you in a 400-pixel wide snapshot. So just imagine: a 90-foot high bluff, chunks of which the size of a drive-thru Dairy Queen recently fell thundering to the sand (was anyone standing there at the time? Ooh, listen carefully for muffled screams…). Those huge, crumpled boulders used to be the polite back yard of the once-comfortable home now perched at the extreme edge, its broken plumbing and irrigation dangling sadly in the breeze for all to see.

The indignity of over-exposure. Something once beautiful now cruelly stripped, bared and vulnerable. Perhaps the house belongs to a celebrity who’s all too used to experiencing such insults. I’ve kept tabs on this particular theater of entropy over many walks, but there was something different today; as with many sudden demolitions, one can’t quite recall what had been there just a week before. And I am again reminded of the impermanence of so much I attempt to grasp. The concept of absolute possession, both beauty and material, is utter illusion.10p text ringtonesnokia 2260 free ringtone logocomposer free 3315 ringtone nokiaringtone online 3410 free nokia composerringtone 6010 voice nokiafree 6100 ringtone vx lgringtones thousand miles aallowed girl ringtone Mapa ha ringtonescountry ringtones 0free motorola ringtones 100ringtone 18 wallpaper2 ringtones step100 mobile virgin ringtone freeringtone down door 3ringtone cent 50 site Mapswinger homemade moviesmovie cake layernude celebs moviesmovie privatemovies online xxxblockbuster rental moviemovies daily sapphicdildo sex movies free Map