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The geology along this wandering edge of the continent is riveting. As readily as I stare at the ocean’s expanse to one side, I gaze in awe at the patterns in the cliffs that hold that water back on the other. The lines and layers are records of living history, keeping me connected to the events of tens of millions of years ago. All of Malibu was under water back then. Hiking a few years ago in the mountains 1500 feet above this shoreline, I glanced down at my feet. I was shocked to see a large fossil of a scallop shell imbedded in the middle of the trail, still waiting for high tide. A stunning reminder of the past.

And down by the sea, this: a frozen waterfall of sorts. A continuation of the cliffs above, its solidness flowing infinitely to the ocean floor. The mind game I play is nearly terrifying: look at the perpendicular pattern: sedimentary rock that must have been upended by a violent, earth shattering seismic event. Think of the immense power it took to shove these cliffs 90 degrees!
I do, often.
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