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Surfboard, dashboard, a board’s a board and a groove’s a groove.

Driving in Los Angeles is harrowing enough that even the non-religious turn to a patron saint or two. For the past couple of years, this fellow has accompanied me every time I back out of the driveway: so far, so good, so I’m sticking with him. Part Laird Hamilton, part Brad Pitt, I can’t go wrong.

This was the wind blown scene a couple of hours ago as I headed south from Santa Barbara to Malibu while the winds headed northwest. Could be the closest my little guy ever gets to a good wave. He got in a few sweet runs before we pulled back onto the road, and I swear he must have had something to do with that near miss a few minutes later when some oncoming jerk crossed the center line. Moral of the story: treat your icons well and they’ll return the favor. equity 100 loansloans group student access100 for mortgage loans percent financingloan home improvement afor accounting loan commitmentswith $5000 loan no credit checkloan 7 24 phoneamerican words loan indianloan atlantic aonline loan advance payday