Each January, the Chamber Music America conference draws me back east for a few days to share music and laughs with like-minded musicians. The view from my Times Square hotel room is a striking contrast to the open space my eyes have grown so happy with in adopted California. But Manhattan was home for my first 21 years, and I’m fascinated by the mix of complicated emotions each time I navigate the city as a wide-eyed tourist. The streets are the same but the occupants have been replaced. When I return in a few months this will again be so. Maybe one needs to be present to watch change occur in order to take possession of it.

Simultaneous nostalgic and immediate local knowledge are an uneasy combination. Pangs of deep familiarity are intertwined with a longing to return to the western sea. The city of my past will always be home to the part of me that decided to leave all those years ago. And there is much here that makes me smile. I’m home and away at once.gay movies musclesex pure moviesshot free movies cummovies hqpanty scenes wetting movies inlesbians movieslexington steele clips moviesex movies anime freewet free clip moviemovies free tits

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