…info about the music

An old action cue of mine, for these little action figures.

Tsunami coming! Tsunami coming! Run for your little lives!
Ok, not really. But perspective is a fun toy.
I love watching these guys. They’re sandpipers, but I call them roller birds, because as anyone knows who’s watched them and laughed, they appear to ripple across the wet shore like a handful of marbles. Playing an amusing game of “chicken” with the wave edge of each tide, they hurriedly poke their beaks in the briefly exposed sand, hopeful for lunch.

We enjoyed our first light rain in months, most welcome in the midst of fire season (see 9/20 and 9/23 blog posts below). Everything, and everyone, was draped in comforting shades of damp grey.movie view samples dildotall movie walkingcrashers quotes movie weddingpreview movie rated xxxx movie searchyoung movies girlszoo movies girlmpegs movie adultamateur lesbian moviesanal movies fucking