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From deeper waters.

Ok, this is short since I’m still on the road.
But I couldn’t let the entire month of March go by without a single post!
I almost always offer something here in this space that comes directly from the space that means the most to me: the island. When I’m traveling– mostly in cities and college towns– I’m really happy to be with lots of terrific musicians, but I’m far from the wildlife and sea that incite so many of the musical gestures these players perform. During these times, I love my Facebook page for its immediacy, and for the random, sometimes irreverent way I post snippets from various parts of my life, be they professional, personal or anything in between. And there’s a lot of in between. But the blog seems like a sacrosanct place in which I can share the things that are the most significant to me on an even deeper level. This brightly colored visitor to my doorstep from last summer is one brilliant example.

Coming soon: tales from the road. I’ve spent many weeks in many places with many talented people, and have many, many smiles to show for it all. I look forward to describing the essence of those experiences here, in a way that will put them on a par with the other brilliant, meaningful parts of my life. That ochre sea star and I are fellow travelers, living in the moment with memories that cling to us like a garter belt, still resonating and present.

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