…info about the music

Here’s the middle, floating section of an appropriately titled piece, “Music for Two Big Instruments.”

A few weeks ago when my mind was lost among minor worries while watering the plants on my deck, I became aware of a loud hum approaching from the south. Squinting into the sunlight, I looked up from the pots of palms and colanchoe and was jarred to realize that I was about to be directly under the coastline-hugging flight path of a very, VERY low-flying Goodyear blimp. I stood in amazement as the huge vessel loomed closer and louder and the yellow letters blazed increasingly larger against the blue sky. As the airship neared I could make out every window and started trying to count rivets; the beast was at best 200 feet above my head.

But this was a friendly beast. The pilot must have seen me poised there, still grasping the garden hose (which now looked like some sort of pathetic weapon I was readying to deploy in an effort to protect the homestead from blimp attack). Suddenly enormous bright red LED lights flashed across the side of the dirigible, shouting, “HELLO!”. I waved and smiled. More big red HELLO! followed. I grinned, all the while wishing I had my camera, to capture this unusual close encounter. But I certainly wasn’t about to dash inside and separate myself from the glee of the moment. Connection comes in many odd forms.

A couple of days ago as I sat composing at my desk, I heard a familiar hum. I paused for a few moments while I quickly saved whatever file I was working on, then palmed my camera and headed to the deck. It was a very hazy afternoon, but sure enough there was my fat new friend, much higher up this time, traversing Paradise Cove from the north.

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