Where in the world is Alex?
I’m not quite sure… but I’m heading southeast into the Atlantic with a boat load of really amazing musicians! Today was the opening orchestra concert, and conductor Larry Rachleff and the Symphonic Voyages orchestra totally rocked an all-Mozart program, with the help of a stunningly beautiful performance by Jimmy Lin on the 4th violin concerto. Gorgeous.

This evening I’m up at bat, presenting my aquatically-themed string quintet Current Events, which is in great hands with this crew of players. “Lilting phrase” gets new meaning at sea, when everyone is leaning a couple of degrees to begin with.

This is a little bit like “Survivor: Cruise Edition.” I’m hoping that the audience likes the piece and doesn’t vote me off the vessel. If you hear a moderate sized splash off the stern later tonight, well, you’ll know how it went.

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