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Alex Shapiro

Composer, motivational speaker, new media thinker.

Alex Shapiro, photo by Paul Chepikian

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Alex Shapiro, biography

Articulate, passionate and entertaining, Alex Shapiro has become one of the Pacific coast's most familiar concert music composers, and in step with her success she has earned a reputation as an inspiring speaker on the new music scene and beyond. Alex was among the earliest music professionals to use the power of the internet to build a thriving career, and is an engaging lecturer on the topic of new media as it relates to people in all professions.

Alex's enthusiasm for encouraging others is spurred by positive changes she made in her own life. Growing up in Manhattan and studying composition at the Juilliard School, Alex was trained in the concert music world, but wrote jazz, theater, and pop songs as well. Thanks to her broad musical interests, she spent the first fifteen years of her career composing for film and TV projects in Los Angeles. In the late 1990's Alex rediscovered her love of chamber music and, despite having no recent experience in the concert music world, made the bold choice to pursue that less likely career path full time.

Her decision turned out to be a wise one: now performed and broadcast weekly across the U.S. and internationally, Alex's award-winning, expressive music has been recorded by many artists around the globe and is available on over twenty CDs. Through her example, Alex Shapiro offers a clear message that people thrive when they follow their passion.

With her expertise in groundbreaking uses of new media, Alex is in demand as a speaker and essayist, and is a consultant to online students from around the world. Once again defying traditional wisdom, in 2007 she moved from Los Angeles to the beautiful, remote, bridge-less San Juan Islands off the northern coast of Washington State. Thanks to the internet, Alex's career has never been busier, and her music is now as likely to be composed in a kayak as it is at a piano.

Alex Shapiro, photo by Paul Chepikian

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ASCAP Expo interview

April 2010
approach to composing

May 2010
Advice for conference attendees

April 2010

Alex on SoundNotion

April 2013

Composing Thoughts

January 2008

Swedish Radio

July 2012

ASCAP Audio Portraits

December 2007
Kalvos and Damian

July 2004

Classical Discoveries WPRB-FM

February 2012
Measure for Measure

August 2006
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February 2006


Watch Alex Shapiro speak to audiences

Enjoy 5 minutes of motivating excerpts from two of Alex's recent speaking engagements:

Shapiro reel


Two of Alex Shapiro's motivating articles



When Alex was asked to write an article about composing music for the online magazine NewMusicBox, she described three distinctly nonmusical concepts behind anyone's ability to promote their work: a sense of self worth, an abundant attitude, and a connection to the joy of what they do. Read her thoughts that apply to anyone in any business, in All the Things You Are: Five Suggestions for Composing Your Happiness:


Mind the Gap

Alex Shapiro weighs in on the paradigm-shifting premises in Tara Hunt's book The Whuffie Factor, with a post on the professional relationships we create with new social network technology.

Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap
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Alex Shapiro
Alex, giving a presentation at the April 2016 ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO in Hollywood, CA.

Public Speaking, Event Moderating

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN, 2015

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, CA, 2015

Clinician, The Texas Music Educators Association Convention,
San Antonio, TX, 2014

Clinician, The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic,
Chicago, IL, 2013

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2012

Guest, WPRB-FM Princeton, NJ, Classical Discoveries
hosted by Marvin Rosen, 2012

Guest, Swedish Radio, The New York Series
hosted by Birgitta Tollan, 2012

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 2011

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2011

Presenter, Emcee, Symphonic Voyages,
on Celebrity Cruise Lines 12-day sail to the Carribean, 2011

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
ASCAP offices, New York, NY, 2011

Speaker, Chamber Music America First Tuesdays series,
New York City, NY, 2010

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
Hollywood, CA, 2010, 2011

Keynote Speaker, Soroptimist International Luncheon,
Friday Harbor, WA, 2010

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 2010

Speaker, NETMCDO Annual Conference,
New York, NY, 2010

Speaker, Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute,
Minneapolis, MN, 2009, 2010, 2012

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2009

Speaker, ASCAP Composer Career Workshop,
Philadelphia Music Project, Philadelphia, PA, 2009

Panelist, FCC hearing on broadband access,
Washington, D.C., 2009

Speaker, Making Music Work workshops,
McNally Smith College, St. Paul, MN, 2009

Speaker, Chamber Music America Conference,
The Citicorp Building, New York City, NY, 2006, 2009

Speaker, ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo,
Los Angeles, CA, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016

Moderator, Presenter, Composers Salon series,
American Composers Forum of Los Angeles, 2000- present; conducted live interviews with over 100 composers

Speaker, Moderator, National Performing Arts Convention,
Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, 2008

Guest, WITF-FM Harrisburg, PA, Composing Thoughts
hosted by John Clare, 2008

Guest, Second Life Cable TV Network,
Music Academy Online, 2008, 2009

Featured artist, ASCAP Audio Portrait, 2008

Featured Guest Speaker, Center for Cultural Innovation,
Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Guest, KCSN-FM Los Angeles, CA, The Audition Booth
hosted by Martin Perlich, 2007

Moderator, Composer to Composer interviews,
American Composer Forum of Los Angeles,
at Walt Disney Concert Hall with Gavin Bryars (2003), Steve Reich (2004), Don Davis (2005), Billy Childs (2005), Christopher Rouse (2007)

Keynote Speaker, Society of Composers, Inc.
National Conference, Tempe, AZ, 2006

Featured Guest, American Music Makers,
one-hour U.S. syndicated Public Radio show, 2006

Moderator, New Music Festival, Santa Clara University,
Santa Clara, CA, 2006

Guest, Innova podcast series: Measure for Measure
hosted by Philip Blackburn, 2006

Featured Guest, My Auditions,
interactive month-long web chat, 2006

Speaker, Voices on the Edge: Women in New Music Festival,
Cal State University, Fullerton, CA, 2006

Presenter, Mladi Chamber series concert,
Los Angeles, CA, 2005, 2006

Speaker, Los Angeles Philharmonic, First Nights series,
Walt Disney Concert Hall, 2004

Guest, WGDR-FM Vermont
Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, 2004

Moderator, Music Business Chops Workshop,
Los Angeles, CA,2004

Guest, NPR, Theme and Variations
hosted by Will Everett, 2004

Moderator, The Virtuoso Soloist in Film Music,
presented by The Society of Composers & Lyricists
Paramount Pictures Studio, Los Angeles, CA, 2004

Moderator, Launching Your Film Scoring Career,
presented by The Society of Composers & Lyricists and The American Composers Forum of Los Angeles,
Los Angeles, CA, 2004

Guest, KXLU-FM Los Angeles, CA,
Trilogy, 2000

Speaker, Business Tools for Composers workshop,
The American Composers Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 2003

Speaker, The International Alliance of Women in Music
International Congress, London, England, 1997

Guest, KPFK-FM Los Angeles, CA, For the Record
hosted by Samm Brown, 1997

Speaker, Grammy® in the Schools, National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS),
Los Angeles, CA, 1995

Speaker, The Film Music Society,
Los Angeles, CA, 1994

Guest, KPFK-FM Los Angeles Music of the Americas
hosted by Jeannie Pool, Los Angeles, CA, 1996

Speaker, Moderator, The Society of Composers & Lyricists,
with The Hollywood Reporter, for The Film and TV Music State of the Art annual conferences and many other seminars, The Directors Guild, Los Angeles, CA, 1993-2005


Guest lectures

University of Hawai'i, Guest Lecturer, 2015

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Guest Lecturer, 2015

Fort Hays State University, Guest Lecturer, 2015

University of Kansas City, Missouri, Guest Lecturer, 2014

Cathage College, Guest Lecturer, 2014

State Univ. of New York Fredonia, Guest Lecturer, 2014

NY State Music School Assn (NYSSMA), Guest Lecturer, 2014

Southern Oregon University, Guest Lecturer, 2013

Washington State University, Guest Lecturer, 2013

Western Washington University, Guest Lecturer, 2013, 2014

Yale University, Guest Lecturer, 2012

University of Wyoming, Guest Lecturer, 2012

University of Southern California, Guest Lecturer, 2011

Colorado State University, Guest Lecturer, 2011

The Ohio State University, Guest Lecturer, 2011

Murray State University, Guest Lecturer, Conference Keynote speaker, 2011

Capital University, Guest Lecturer, 2010, 2011

University of Minnesota, Guest Lecturer, 2008, 2010, 2011

San Diego State University, Guest Lecturer, 2010

Cornish College of the Arts, Guest Lecturer, 2008, 2009

University of Chicago, Guest Lecturer, 2009

University of Puget Sound, Guest Lecturer, 2009

McNally Smith College, Guest Lecturer, 2009

University of California, Santa Barbara, Guest Lecturer, 2005, 2006, 2009

University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories, Guest Lecturer, 2008

Spring Street International School, Guest Lecturer, 2008

University of Arizona, Tempe, Guest Lecturer, Conference Keynote Speaker, 2006

Manhattan School of Music, Guest Lecturer, 2005

The Walden School, Guest Lecturer, 2004

American Composers Forum of Los Angeles, Master Class, 2003

California Institute of the Arts, Guest Lecturer, 2003

Sierra College, Master Class, 2003

Santa Clara University, Master Class, 2003

California State University Sacramento, Master Class, 2003

California State University, Fullerton, Master Class, 2002

Fullerton College, Guest Lecturer, 2002

Los Angeles High School of the Arts Master Class, 2001, 2002


Alex Shapiro, photo by Paul Chepikian
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Alex Shapiro
Alex Shapiro, photo by Paul Chepikian
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