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Alex Shapiro loves to write! And, speak. And, shoot nature photographs. And, of course, compose... and all of these activities are quite interconnected! Take a scroll down through some of her published thoughts...

...and to read the thought of the moment, visit her pixel-sonic blog, Notes from the Kelp, and join Alex, and a lot of wildlife, on their rural island.

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Alex Shapiro

Articles and interviews

Chamber Music

Alex is the featured artist in Kyle Gann's wonderful American Composer series that appears in the May/June 2008 issue of Chamber Music magazine. Read what Gann has to say about Alex's unusual background and appoach to her work.

Click here for the .pdf file read American Composer

American Composer


Greg Sandow is the author of an insightful blog on the future of classical music, and invited Alex to be a guest blogger in March 2013. Click here to see what she has to say on the subject of artists and the significance of social media.

Read E-ing There here read


Alex openly discusses a broad range of topics in her ten-page autobiographical lead article, Compose, Communicate and Connect for the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music, Spring 2005 issue. The article was reprinted with permission in two parts for the Autumn 2005 and Winter 2006 issues of the American Composers Forum magazine, Sounding Board.

Alex shares her ideas about...

• numerous ways to conquer writer's block
• collaborating with instrumentalists
• composing for self, musicians & listeners
• the topic of gender
• community involvement
• business tools and techniques
• her first 21 years in New York City

Sounding Board cover

The IAWM issue:

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(best for PCs):


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The Sounding Board issues:

Click below for the two .pdf files of the article as it appeared in Sounding Board, December 2005 and February 2006:

Part 1:Sounding Board pt1

Part 2:Sounding Board pt2

IAWM Journal cover

21st Century Music

Musician and librarian Tom Moore interviewed Alex for an in-depth view of her life and work, in the October 2010 issue of 21st Century Music. Click below to read her thoughts on passion, motivation and how hitting the wrong notes while playing Beethoven might turn a kid into a composer.

Click here for the .pdf file read 21st Century Music


On Molly Sheridan's creative blog Mind the Gap, Alex Shapiro was one a few invited new music web denizen to weigh in on the premises in the book The Whuffie Factor, by Tara Hunt. Alex opened the conversation with a post that codifies her thoughts on artists and the professional relationships they create with new social network technology: Selling Everything, 2.0--The Jig Goes Public, published July 2009.

Click here to read it online read Mind the Gap

Click here for the .pdf file readThe Jig Goes Public

Mind the Gap




Alex has a lot to say about the connection between living an emotional life and composing emotional music in her March 2008 interview for the online magazine Tokafi

Click here to read it online read Tokafi 2

Click here for the .pdf file readTokafi 2






Alex's direct opinions on life and music can be enjoyed in an August 2006 interview for Tokafi

Click here to read it online read Tokafi 1

Click here for the .pdf file readTokafi 1


You can read the October 2011 interview Alex gave to the terrific organization, Composers & Schools in Concert, to get a sense of her enthusiasm about professional musicians working with young students.

Click here for the file readCSIC 1


In 2012, CSIC commissioned Alex to embark on a new electroacoustic work for high school band: TIGHT SQUEEZE. You can click here to read the March 2013 interview CSIC did with Alex and conductor Miller Asbill read

Click here for the file readCSIC 2

Alex's challenging thoughts on the new digital paradigm, the internet, free speech and the meaning of net neutrality to all artists, have been published in three January 2010 essays for the online magazine NewMusicBox.

Read The Economy of Exposure: Publicity as Payment? here read

Read What I Learned About My Tiny Business From Paramount Pictures here read

Read As Important as the Printing Press: Net Neutrality and Artists' Freedom here read


Additionally for NewMusicBox:

When NewMusicBox editor Frank J. Oteri asked Alex to write an article about artists and website promotion techniques, Alex was happy to do so. But beginning work on the essay, she realized that there are three distinctly nonmusical concepts behind anyone's ability to promote their work: a sense of self worth, an abundant attitude, and a connection to the joy of what they do. Thus, a larger article was borne. Here is the first part:

All the Things You Are: Five Suggestions for Composing Your Happiness, was published November 2007.

Click here to read it online read NewMusicBox

Click here for the .pdf file read NewMusicBox


Here is the second part of Alex's writing about the significance of the internet for composers, and how they can use their web presence to create income.

Making an Asset Out of Your eSelf, appears in the April 2008 issue.

Click here to read it online read NewMusicBox

Click here for the .pdf file readNewMusicBox


Upon her return from Denver, Alex summarizes her observations about the enormous National Performing Arts Convention in her June 2008 article, The Impact of NPAC.

Click here to read it online read NewMusicBox

Click here for the .pdf file readNewMusicBox


Alex was asked to contribute her thoughts to the September 2003 issue, addressing the topic of musical monikers such as neo-romanticism. Read what she had to say about today's concert music, the meaningless terms that attempt to categorize it, and why there's never been a better time to be a composer.

Click here to read it online read NewMusicBox

Click here for the .pdf file readNewMusicBox

How do you take a relatively dull subject and make it bearable as well as informative? Find out when you read Alex's explanation of DBAs for composers in her October 2005 article, DBA: Three Good Notes, Three Necessary Initials.

Click here to read it online read NewMusicBox

Click here for the .pdf file readNewMusicBox






Blogging: How to Build an Audience Without Leaving Home

Alex Shapiro, Jerry Bowles, editor of the new music blog Sequenza 21, and Drew McManus, author of Adaptistration.com, gave a panel presentation about blogging at the January 2006 National Chamber Music America Conference in New York City. Here's the handout guide they created, to assist anyone launching a blog.

Click here for the .pdf file readCMA


Orchestra consultant Drew McManus invited several colleagues to share their ideas about bringing pals to the symphony for Take A Friend To Orchestra month. In Alex's April 2006 essay for McManus' well trodden blog, Adaptistration, absolutely nothing is sacred! Enjoy her unorthodox take on the subject, along with the subsequent comments and return volley she offered... fasten your seat belt.

Alex's and many other TAFTO essays are available in physical, bound form in the 2006 book, Take a Friend to the Orchestra.

Click here to read it online read TAFTO

Click here for the .pdf file readTAFTO


Alex has written an extensive two-part article on the subject of her clinic presentations on new media in the band world. The essay, titled The e-Frontier: Music, Multimedia, Education, and Audiences in the Digital World, appears in the June and September 2014 issues of the magazine of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, WASBE World.

CLICK HERE to read the full pdf of the article, offered with the kind permission of WASBE. read

WASBE World-The e-Frontier


Sounding Board

Alex's detailed description about composing a middle school electro-acoustic wind band piece for her BandQuest commission is the cover of the July/August 2010 issue of Sounding Board, the magazine of the American Composers Forum.

Click here for the .pdf file read Sounding Board 2


Sounding Board

Alex's feature article about composing a wind band piece for the U.S. Army is the cover of the July 2008 issue of Sounding Board, the magazine of the American Composers Forum. The twist to the story: the Commander found Alex on... MySpace!

Click here for the .pdf file read Sounding Board 1



Vegetarian Times

Here's a short Q & A that The Vegetarian Times did with Alex for their July 2008 magazine. No animals were harmed in the making of this interview.

Click here for the .pdf file readVegetarian Times


New Music Forum

See what Alex divulges in her biographical interview
for the
August 2002 issue of New Music Forum magazine about musical passion, musical business, and musical codependency.

Click here for the .pdf file readNew Music Forum


Islands Sounder

Read what Alex had to say about attracting audiences to new music, in her September 2008 essay for the Orcas Island newspaper Islands Sounder.

Click here for the .pdf file readIslands Sounder


My Auditions

Read Alex's chat on the networking website forum, My Auditions where she was the August 2006 featured guest.

Click here for the .pdf file readMy Auditions

Bald Eagle

Video interviews


ASCAP Expo interview

April 2010


approach to composing

May 2010


Advice for conference attendees

April 2010


April 2013

SoundNotion.tv is a weekly online video podcast series for, and by, music-makers, and Alex was the guest for their April 14, 2013 episode. Click here to stream or download Alex's concepts of how all composers can use the 21st Century tools available to them no matter where they live, as well as her thoughts on issues of self worth that artists of all genders face, on this podcast titled Out There watch


Alex on SoundNotion

  Stream Out There:  


For many more video interviews, visit Alex's YouTube channel!
Click here


Radio and podcast interviews

May 2014

Alex and conductor James Ripley were guests on The Morning Show with Gregory Berg on Wisconsin's public radio station WGTD-FM on May 9, 2014. They covered a lot of ground, and some ocean, too, as they delved into the making of Alex's newest electroacoustic band piece LIQUID COMPASS and the world of composing. The broadcast starts at 2:25 in, and continues for 45 minutes. Click the icon to enjoy an animated conversation!

The Morning Show


July 2012

On July 9, 2012, Swedish Radio began streaming an interview hour that Alex shared with composer and conductor Victoria Bond, hosted by Birgitta Tollan. The interviews took place in New York City, and feature a balance of audio excerpts and conversation. Click at right, to enjoy Alex's portion of the show (starting at 25 minutes in), and to practice your Swedish!

Swedish Radio


February 2012

Alex was the in-studio guest on Marvin Rosen's radio show broadcast from Princeton University, Classical Discoveries. Want some backgorund sound while you're doing other things? Click at right, and hear the entire MP3 stream of their exceptionally wide-spanning, lively two-and-a-half hour conversation, including seven of Alex's diverse works. Here's what Marvin has to say about it on his blog, Marvin the Cat.

Rosen and Shapiro


The San Juan Islands

Composing Thoughts

January 2008

Alex taped an animated interview in New York City with violinist and host John Clare, for his WITF-FM radio show Composing Thoughts which aired April 27, 2008. Enjoy the results from the combination of great questions, laughter and single malt scotch.

  Stream Download
Tune in to 25 minutes of fun! hear hear

Second Life

Watch watch

February 2008

Tired of your first life? Well, the virtual world is a reality for musicians, and Music Academy Online is a big part of the growing trend. Alex discussed her musical life on the Second Life Cable Network television show, which you can watch here. It's worth having a look, just to see the dress Alex's avatar, Asha, is wearing!

Arbutus grove

The Audition Booth

October 2007

On Martin Perlich's radio show The Audition Booth, Alex talks about the making of her CD, Notes from the Kelp. The live in-studio interview offers insights on many issues, including what's involved with producing an album this diverse in today's market.

  Stream Download
Listen (27 minutes): hear hear

Behind the Beat


December 2007

Hear Alex Shapiro's comments on several tracks from Notes from the Kelp, in response to questions from the producer of Behind the Beat, Steven Rosenfeld. The interview is featured on the ASCAP Audio Portraits series.

  Stream Download
About the CD (2:52) hear hear
The Making of Slipping (3:04) hear hear
The Making of Bioplasm (3:11)> hear hear
The Making of Deep (2:57) hear hear

American MusicMakers

February 2006

Alex's life and music were the subject of a one-hour radio show for a series called American MusicMakers with Theme and Variations host Will Everett. Airing on public radio stations all across the U.S., Alex's show kicked off the monthly series and featured excerpts of five of her recent chamber works and one in its entirety, along with a lengthy interview Will recorded during his walk with her on the beach at her Malibu home.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics from the personal to the global, and wraps up in Alex's project studio with a spontaneous guitar performance, and one of her cats improvising on vocals at the end.

  Stream Download
Listen (55 minutes): hear hear

Measure for Measure

August 2006

Hear Alex Shapiro's live interview about composers and modern society, in Philip Blackburn's new podcast series for the American Composers Forum, Measure for Measure.

  Stream Download
Part 1 of 2 (25 minutes): hear hear
Part 2 of 2 (24 minutes): hear hear
sunlight spot on the Salish Sea


Kalvos and Damian


July 2004

Alex had a great time as the guest composer on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar radio show, broadcast live from beautiful Vermont, with local composer pal Laura Koplewitz along for the ride as a co-interviewer. It's always dangerous when someone who's known you since you were 16 has the mic.

The two-hour show featured complete recordings of five of Alex's works, along with a lot of laughter and conversation covering everything from suggested composer hygiene to chocolate covered cricket clusters. Oh, and they talked about music, too!

The hosts call it one of their funniest shows ever, and you can either stream the whole thing, or enjoy it in a condensed form (the five music selections are truncated here, thus shamelessly encouraging CD sales if you like what you hear).

  Stream Download
Part 1:  Thelma and Louise do Vermont, jingles, biology and music hear hear
Part 2:  Composer trade secrets and chocolate covered cricket clusters hear hear
Part 3:  Self-publishing and the battle of the brain hemispheres hear hear

To hear the entire, fun-filled Kalvos & Damian show, click here!


Bald Eagle
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