Slowly, searching

(Solo Piano).
Total duration ca. 6 minutes (2009)
Published by Activist Music (ASCAP).
5 pages, 8.5" x 11".

Recorded in September 2009 in Bonn, Germany
by Susanne Kessel, piano.

Audio clip performed by Susanne Kessel.




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Score available for $12.00 print, $8.00 digital, from Activist Music.


Slowly, searching is a modern day homage to the lyricism, melancholy and passion of Robert Schumann. German pianist Susanne Kessel created a project titled Kreisleriana 2010, asking eight composers to choose a movement of Schumann's beloved suite as inspiration for their own voice. I was touched by the fourth, Sehr Langsam, and chose a few notes from it as my point of departure, and later, development. Two hundred years since this great composer's birth, the themes of peacefulness, joy, madness and deep pain remain a human constant.

An Robert Schumann
This piece is featured on Susanne Kessel's 2010 CD,
An Robert Schumann, on Obst P330.30. Click CD for more info.



A [non-performing!] pianist herself, Alex has always loved composing for the instrument, and Activist Music has created a collection of her solo piano works, available as a set of .pdf downloads. Ranging from short offerings to those with multiple movements, these idiomatic pieces reveal a broad swath of emotions.

Slowly, searching is also among the works included in Shapiro's 2019 album release of her piano music, recorded by Adam Marks at the Yamaha Artist Services studios in New York City.

For complete information about the published collection and the upcoming album, click HERE. read


Alex Shapiro



Enjoy this video of pianist Kailey Cann performing Slowly, searching in Victoria, B.C.:


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