Pensive, emnotional, and beautiful.


(String Quintet; 2 Vln, Vla, Vc, Db).
Total duration ca. 7 minutes (2016)
Published by Activist Music (ASCAP).
One movement work. 7 pages, 8.5" x 11".

Premiered on August 10, 2016 in Grand Teton, WY.
by Holly Mulcahy and Mary Corbett, violins;
Anna Kruger, viola, Amy Leung, cello, and Rick Barber, double bass. Audio clip is from the live premiere.


Audio clip of the string quartet, Introspect, performed in a live concert at the Vashon Chamber Music Festival, May 2011, by the Odeon Quartet: by Gennady Filimonov and Artur Girsky, violins; Heather Bentley, viola and Rowena Hammill, cello.



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Introspection adds the embrace of the low tones of a double bass to its predecessor, a string quartet titled, Introspect. The music was written at the end of a year that brought some welcome self-reflection regarding loss and the persistence of hope, and I think that this piece surveys some of that private emotional terrain. It also mirrors a larger subject: the fragility of our precious natural world, and an eery sense of dread as one ponders the well-being of this planet's vulnerable creatures.


Beginning in relative stillness, the music unfolds with solemn tones that lead to lyrical interchanges between grief, melancholy, and shades of promise. By the last notes, there is something left unanswered that balances precariously between deep sorrow, resolute acceptance, and uneasy calm.





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Enjoy this video of the August 2016 premiere
of INTROSPECTION in Jackson, Wyoming,
performed by Holly Mulcahy and Mary Corbett, violins;
Anna Kruger, viola; Amy Leong, cello; and Rick Barber, bass.


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