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Flea Circus

(Clarinet, Violin and Piano. Very slightly processed...).

Total duration 1 minute (2007)
Published by Activist Music (ASCAP).
Composed for the 2008 VoxNovus 60 x 60 DanceProject.
Adapted from the third movement of
Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano.

Recorded by Berkeley Price, clarinet;
Nancy Roth, violin and Deon Nielsen Price, piano.



Listen to Flea Circus





Life is short. Fleas are short. This piece is short. Three terrific Los Angeles musicians of moderate height make these performing insects dance for you: clarinetist Berkeley Price, violinist Nancy Roth, and pianist Deon Nielsen Price. Step right up! A trio awaits to amuse you with their amazing antics! No fleas were harmed in the making of this music.




Enjoy this video of Mandy Stallings
and Flannery Houston
dancing to Flea Circus,
choreographed by Mandy Stallings
at Galapagos club in New York City,
Sept. 6, 2008:




And here's another version of Flea Circus,
from the same series, performed by
Jessica Desmond and Samantha MacIvor
in New York City
at the World Financial Center Winter Garden,
November 14, 2008



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