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Sunday, November 12th, 2006

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This weekend would have been my father’s 78th birthday. I miss him more as each year passes. As chronology fills my life with increasing happiness, music rises and moons orbit that I would have loved to have shared with him.

We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems.

––––Arthur O’Shaughnessy; the initial lines of the “Ode” from his 1874 book, “Music and Moonlight.”


Thursday, November 9th, 2006

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“Nunc Dimittis” is a movement from my “Evensong Suite,” and the term literally translates to, “now you are sending away.” Fitting for the fleeting light that creates space for the moon’s lovely glow.

A November twilight for you from southern California. I don’t need to write anything more today.

Living on the edge

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

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“Unhinged,” for a scene which is that and more.

It’s impossible for the drama of this scene to translate to you in a 400-pixel wide snapshot. So just imagine: a 90-foot high bluff, chunks of which the size of a drive-thru Dairy Queen recently fell thundering to the sand (was anyone standing there at the time? Ooh, listen carefully for muffled screams…). Those huge, crumpled boulders used to be the polite back yard of the once-comfortable home now perched at the extreme edge, its broken plumbing and irrigation dangling sadly in the breeze for all to see.

The indignity of over-exposure. Something once beautiful now cruelly stripped, bared and vulnerable. Perhaps the house belongs to a celebrity who’s all too used to experiencing such insults. I’ve kept tabs on this particular theater of entropy over many walks, but there was something different today; as with many sudden demolitions, one can’t quite recall what had been there just a week before. And I am again reminded of the impermanence of so much I attempt to grasp. The concept of absolute possession, both beauty and material, is utter illusion.10p text ringtonesnokia 2260 free ringtone logocomposer free 3315 ringtone nokiaringtone online 3410 free nokia composerringtone 6010 voice nokiafree 6100 ringtone vx lgringtones thousand miles aallowed girl ringtone Mapa ha ringtonescountry ringtones 0free motorola ringtones 100ringtone 18 wallpaper2 ringtones step100 mobile virgin ringtone freeringtone down door 3ringtone cent 50 site Mapswinger homemade moviesmovie cake layernude celebs moviesmovie privatemovies online xxxblockbuster rental moviemovies daily sapphicdildo sex movies free Map

Objects are closer than they a pier

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

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“Rip,” from “Current Events,” for the events of these currents.

Paradise Cove’s pier is an icon of its history. Over decades of fishing boats, strolling lovers, angry storms, determined rebuilds and fat seagulls, it’s remained a landmark for this latitude of coastline. It used to be about twice as long, until nature decided otherwise one dramatic winter back in the early 80’s.

For years I’ve stepped lightly across these planks as I did today. One’s nose is immediately greeted with that distinctive Eau de Pier scent: moldy-salty-smoky creosote marinated in the collective sun-baked guano of sea birds… no wonder hot dates can’t keep their hands off each other when they get here. My oddest pier-specific memory is of one New Years Day walking with a few friends. Upon reaching the tip, a girlfriend who worked at Paramount Studios suddenly removed her left sneaker and flung it far out to the sea. When quizzed on this, she replied, “tradition!”. Perhaps she wasn’t the first in her family to be in shoe business.

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Rockfall of history

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

…info about the music

Music to take cover by.

The geology along this wandering edge of the continent is riveting. As readily as I stare at the ocean’s expanse to one side, I gaze in awe at the patterns in the cliffs that hold that water back on the other. The lines and layers are records of living history, keeping me connected to the events of tens of millions of years ago. All of Malibu was under water back then. Hiking a few years ago in the mountains 1500 feet above this shoreline, I glanced down at my feet. I was shocked to see a large fossil of a scallop shell imbedded in the middle of the trail, still waiting for high tide. A stunning reminder of the past.

And down by the sea, this: a frozen waterfall of sorts. A continuation of the cliffs above, its solidness flowing infinitely to the ocean floor. The mind game I play is nearly terrifying: look at the perpendicular pattern: sedimentary rock that must have been upended by a violent, earth shattering seismic event. Think of the immense power it took to shove these cliffs 90 degrees!
I do, often.
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Dashing surfer on my dashboard

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

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Surfboard, dashboard, a board’s a board and a groove’s a groove.

Driving in Los Angeles is harrowing enough that even the non-religious turn to a patron saint or two. For the past couple of years, this fellow has accompanied me every time I back out of the driveway: so far, so good, so I’m sticking with him. Part Laird Hamilton, part Brad Pitt, I can’t go wrong.

This was the wind blown scene a couple of hours ago as I headed south from Santa Barbara to Malibu while the winds headed northwest. Could be the closest my little guy ever gets to a good wave. He got in a few sweet runs before we pulled back onto the road, and I swear he must have had something to do with that near miss a few minutes later when some oncoming jerk crossed the center line. Moral of the story: treat your icons well and they’ll return the favor. equity 100 loansloans group student access100 for mortgage loans percent financingloan home improvement afor accounting loan commitmentswith $5000 loan no credit checkloan 7 24 phoneamerican words loan indianloan atlantic aonline loan advance payday

Come down and see my etchings

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

…info about the music

Here’s some interwoven music that forms a sonic, three-part braid.

Many years ago I traveled around Alaska, and my memories of that expansive and relatively unspoiled part of the planet remain vivid. Any place where the animals far outnumber the people suits me fine.

Everyone who’s been there will tell you about the glaciers, the bald eagles, the weather, and the state bird (the mosquito). The only place I’ve ever been when such huge buzzing/swooping/biting locals prevented me from pitching my tent in the woods was up around Talkeetna. Defeated, I spent the night in the safety of the historic Fairview Inn, in the very same room that gave similar refuge to President Warren Harding back in 1923. Of course, rumor has it that Harding was poisoned there, so perhaps putting up with a few mosquitos might have turned out to be a better idea for the guy.

But I digress.

As I said, most visitors to Alaska recall the Big Stuff. And there’s lots of big stuff up there. But one of the things I most remember about Alaska is something I never hear people mention: its braided rivers. They are stunning. Looking down at them from any height reveals complicated patterns, as if M.C. Escher might have been in the irrigation business. Etched sediment flows in many directions and the longer you look, the less keen your depth perception: you could be staring at something the scale of the Grand Canyon, or a Tonka Toy. Either sizing chart fits the imagination.

Walking along the beach here at Paradise Cove yesterday, the braided trails in the wet sand triggered this memory, and I smiled. The sediment of my happy trip long ago has etched its own patterns in my mind and I look forward to returning someday, to challenge my perspective on life’s unexpected, interwoven paths.

In alignment

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

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And now, for some aligned notes.

When asked what I do, I sometimes grin and refer to myself as a note alignment specialist. Why not? Seems more intriguing and precise than just, “composer.” Anyone could be one of those.

Just prior to dusk this afternoon the sets were still coming in strong enough to attract a good line-up of surfers. But this fellow at the bottom of the shot had the best line-up of them all: directly under the apex of clouds whose glowing beauty had initially caused me to flick on my camera.

All of us are alignment specialists, of one sort or another.

Friday cat staring

Friday, October 20th, 2006

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“Sly Jazz” for these sly kitties.

For my own safety, I better hope that there are still some kitty treats left in the jar… otherwise there’ll be hell to pay… Smudge and Moses are giving me that look… and every person who is owned by a cat knows what that look looks like!

New meaning to the word

Monday, October 16th, 2006

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Nothing dangerous here, unless the tubist runs out of breath.

I do not speak Spanish, unfortunately.
Apparently, the folks who came up with the now-ubiquitous online group invitation website,, may not, either. Or perhaps they just have a wicked sense of humor.
Because after coming across this sign tacked to the constantly crumbling bluffs that define Paradise Cove, I have now learned that to a very significant portion of the population, the word “evite” means, “avoid.”

Maybe all those people sending me evites to their parties really don’t want me there after all.


Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

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Some of my boogie for anyone’s board.

This pic sums up the neighborhood. And overcast and rainy? Who cares! Time to get out there!verizon idol ringtone americangratis nokia 1100 ringtone para98 c1300 lg ringtonesringtones abdulaccrington rossendale andmap lancashire accringtonringtones country 3gforfreeringtone nokia 6256i Map

Work and play

Friday, October 6th, 2006

…info about the music

A waltz to invite relaxation over to the dance floor.

Happy Friday, at the start of a lovely autumn weekend. Here’s the placid view from the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, steps from the house.

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